Student Interview – Learning with Confidence

Student Interview

Many students have come through our system here at Learning With Confidence and we would like to begin sharing some of these stories.

Tutoring is much more than just improving grades. It’s an opportunity to expand a student’s mental horizon whilst also ensuring that the learning process, which occurs both in school and outside educational institutions, can move confidently.

What is your name?
William Heine.
Which school did you attend?
St Joseph’s College.
Which subject did you receive tutoring for?
When did you come to LWC and why?
I came to LWC looking for help and advice on essay writing after a couple of disappointing exam results.
I was hoping that with the advice of someone with more experience, I could become a stronger writer and develop better essay skills in order to improve my performance in exams.
How did LWC and your tutor help you prepare for exams and assignments?
LWC allocated me a tutor that was suited for the help which I needed.
Together, my tutor and I would work through different concepts and ideas which could then be developed into the basis for an essay. We would also read through what I had written in order to improve upon my writing skills and structure.
What was the thing you enjoyed the most about the tutoring experience?
The thing I enjoyed the most at tutoring was thinking about and discussing the ideas of various texts.
Over time, I found that particular aspects of English are quite interesting and I no longer dreaded the class.
Instead, I found that the ideas within various texts were important and valuable.
What was your biggest success?
My biggest success was  feeling for the first time that I had made observable improvements on my writing.
For the prior six years I had struggled in English and had no understanding of how I could go about improving in any way.
Through working with a tutor, I was able to drastically improve elements of my writing such as structure, as well as further developing the ideas that made up my thesis.
What was the best lesson you learnt?
The best lesson I learnt from tutoring was that English did not have to be a chore or a subject that I hated.
Instead, the ideas contained in different texts that I discussed in essays could be interesting and rewarding. As a result I was more engaged in the subject.
What are you planning on doing after school?
After school I’m planning on completing a degree in actuarial studies at the University of New South Wales. I then hope to work as an actuary, or in a similar career path.
Although this will not rely heavily on the English skills I developed through tutoring, I plan on continuing my newly formed interest in the ideas expressed through texts through further reading in the future.