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Richard III and the Tudor Myth

In our last post on Richard III we covered the basic context of the play up to the moment it began. In this post we’re mainly going to be concerned with the events of the play, the events of history, and how discrepancies between the two are evidence of the deliberate manipulation of history by[…]

A Poetry Analysis Primer

Poetry, like fine wine, classical music, and art, is generally seen as an absolute quantity. Most people, scarred by their experience of it in school, are convinced that it is either the exclusive property of merlot sipping aesthetes, or that it’s some sort of elaborate con and that there aren’t any real rules to what[…]

Understanding the Context of Richard III

Richard III is probably my favourite Shakespeare play, but it’s also definitely one of the most difficult to understand. The main reason for this is assumed knowledge – the play cuts in abruptly in the final days of Edward IV, playing out the closing stages of a drama which Shakespeare could confidently assume his audience[…]

Understanding The Art of Travel

Probably the first thing to understand about Alain De Botton’s The Art of Travel is that the title has a double meaning. Most students I speak to understand immediately that we’re talking about ways to travel well, but very few have realised that the title also refers to that art which has been generated because[…]