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In Defense of Shakespeare

I’m often confronted with students who have absolutely no idea why the collected works of a seventeenth century showman are inflicted upon them with such relentless regularity. The thing is, I generally meet these kids when they’re at the point of having suffered through nearly half a decade of this strange phenomenon and, for some[…]

How to Structure a Band 6 AOS Creative

It might sound a bit obvious, but it’s still worth pointing out that it’s not really possible to construct an effective story without using the basic elements of story structure. Introduction/Setting Compllication Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution [Denouement Optional] You’ve probably heard of some or all of these before, and I’m sure you recognise[…]

Unpacking HSC Advanced English Module A: Intertextual Perspectives

Module A is arguably the most misunderstood module in the HSC Advanced English rubric. The rubric, confusingly, states that: “This module requires students to compare texts in order to explore them in relation to their contexts. It develops students’ understanding of the effects of context and questions of value.” In order to render this more[…]