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Tutoring high school students on Sydney’s North Shore

Our Services

LWC focuses on providing holistic care to its students. Happy, well-prepared and confident students will naturally achieve the best possible ATAR with minimal worry and anxiety. Paired with our intensive, individualised approach, our tutors are able to ensure that they get the best out of every student.

Feel Supported

Individual Private Tuition

Our approach ensures that each student receives tailored academic and emotional support.

Practice Exams

We offer full practice exams prior to HSC Trials and exams, which are corrected by experienced HSC markers and returned to students with feedback.

Small Revision Groups

In these groups we aim to consolidate completed topics to ensure strong understanding of each syllabus dot point. We also help students get ahead of the game by preparing for future areas of study.

Social Occasions

Social activities are held twice a year for HSC students to promote a sense of connection with peers and to build support networks in the lead up to the exams.

Maximise Results


We assist with assessments and closely review exam results to ensure future improvement.

Essay Structure

We provide simple, master essay and paragraph structures and word count guidelines in order to maximise results.

Question Focus

We teach students how to break down exam and assessment questions in order to formulate an effective response.

Creative Writing

Our trialled and tested creative writing techniques will help you to take a good idea and present it in a way that is engaging and favoured by markers.

Want to achieve a better ATAR?

You Can Improve

School-based assessment marks represent 50% of your final mark.
With the right guidance and application, this mark can lift significantly in the finals.

It’s never too late

Our students see significant improvement from the Trials to the HSC:

Declan lifted his English Trials result of 46% to an HSC result of 80%

Kate lifted her English Trials result from 76% to an HSC result of 94%

We have tutored students who went on to become the Dux of:

  • Wenona
  • SCEGGS Darlinghurst
  • SCEGGS Redlands
  • Saint Ignatius' College, Riverview
  • Loreto Kirribilli

Why Choose LWC?

Our availability and close focus on student well-being ensures each individual completes the school year with a sense of optimism and confidence. We like both students and parents to feel that we are always available should difficulties arise.

For Students

  • Mentoring with close focus on your well-being.  Let us know if you are feeling overwhelmed and struggling to stay on top of your work.
  • Focus on exam technique and strategy.  We will show you how to successfully approach exam questions, focus on key words and use effective paragraph structures.
  • Social occasions.  Join in with others in your year group to relax and share your experiences.
  • Support with stress and time management.  It’s not a matter of working harder, but working effectively to achieve your study goals.
  • Learn how to study effectively.  We will help you construct realistic and practical study plans. Achieve your goals, balanced with some much needed leisure time.
  • At home support.  Contact us by phone or text if you would like to speak about anything that is worrying you.
  • Careful selection of appropriate tutor.  We provide the right tutor for you, to build a supportive and encouraging relationship.

For Parents

  • No contracts, no up-front fees.  We are flexible with frequency of tuition. Choose the arrangement that suits you best.
  • Discounts for 2nd/3rd/4th child.
  • Parent support by phone as needed.  Many parents experience considerable stress in the HSC year. Please feel that you can talk to us about any problems at all.
  • Liaison with schools as needed.  Results at the end of Year 10 do not always reflect future ability. We are happy to meet with teachers and department heads to help students choose subject levels that match their potential for academic achievement.
  • How to source appropriate help if needed.  In the case of significant problems with anxiety, we can liaise with Learning Support or help you find good counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Improved child/parent relationship.  Year 12 is a testing year for many families. We encourage students to communicate their workload and school expectations with you, which often improves relationships at home.


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