Shakespeare – Learning with Confidence

Student Interview

The LWC family has hundreds of students and hundreds of stories, and we care deeply about each and every one of them. Here is Mia’s story, just one among the many that we so loved to experience and to share.   What is your Name? Mia Toda. Which School did you attend? Loreto Kirribilli. Which subject[…]

Student Interview

Many students have come through our system here at Learning With Confidence and we would like to begin sharing some of these stories. Tutoring is much more than just improving grades. It’s an opportunity to expand a student’s mental horizon whilst also ensuring that the learning process, which occurs both in school and outside educational[…]

Richard III and the Tudor Myth

In our last post on Richard III we covered the basic context of the play up to the moment it began. In this post we’re mainly going to be concerned with the events of the play, the events of history, and how discrepancies between the two are evidence of the deliberate manipulation of history by[…]

In Defense of Shakespeare

I’m often confronted with students who have absolutely no idea why the collected works of a seventeenth century showman are inflicted upon them with such relentless regularity. The thing is, I generally meet these kids when they’re at the point of having suffered through nearly half a decade of this strange phenomenon and, for some[…]